Are you involved?

Beyond the Board of Directors, there are many individuals, groups and organizations involved in what we do.  Their efforts inspire us as they bring us new ideas, give us momentum and open up more and more opportunities.

No Worries in BULA!

Angie Hong

Angie is in Uganda working on our 'Home at Last' Project.  Angie was first connected with BULA in 2008 when she volunteered to teach in the school BULA was rebuilding.  At only 17 years old, Angie made a huge impression on BULA's Founder, Melissa.  She remained active in BULA's work over the years.  Her work now is paramount for making a tremendous difference in the lives of the children we support. We are grateful to have her back at work with BULA and the children are so excited to have her back in Uganda after five years.

Angie will serve in the PeaceCorps in 2014 after completing her work for BULA.  Thank you for everything Angie! 


Tom Harrison

and London Metropolitan University

Tom Harrison is hard at work at London Metropolitan working on the site plans for St. Kizito Namungoona.  He is working hard on developing innovative techniques to build in an environmentally friendly and affordable way.  He has traveled to Uganda twice in the past year with a team of fellow students and we are eager to see what they come up with!


Diana Flynn

Diana has helped to organize fundraisers and has lead the way when truly needed.  She has been extremely valuable in design for many of our projects, including the Holiday Cards.  We are forever grateful for her hard work!

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