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                    worries in BULA!2014 Annual Report Released

We are proud to announce the release of BULA's 2014 Annual Report.  This document offers insight into the programs, events, finances, and heart of BULA in 2014.  Give it a look here!

No Worries in

The 10 Mile Run to the Brewery

Sayville Running Company's 10 Mile Run to the Brewery, the fifth annual race, was a great success this year.  There were nearly 1300 finishers!Many thanks to Greater Long Island Running Co., Blue Point Brewing Co., and Sayville Running Co. for their tremendous support.

Check out the Bayport-Blue Point Gazette for more coverage on the race and experience the race with this video!

'Home at Last'

No worries in BULA!

After supporting the education of orphaned and vulnerable children in Uganda for the past 7 years, we have successfully resettled twenty-four children who lived in an institution for most of their lives.  Working closely with leading alternative care advocates like ACI Uganda and highly trained social w orkers, we have located family for nearly all of these children and reunited them on a permanent basis. 

BULA proudly continues to support their education and send these growing children and young adults to high quality schools.  We no longer support an orphanage institution, but instead support the children directly with a full time social worker.  The alternative care model, keeping children with families wherever possible is central to our work moving forward


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Want to host an event for BULA?

You can make a huge difference in the lives of children in Uganda.  Many of BULA's succesful fundraisers are hosted by supporters and friends of BULA.  Our success and progress in Uganda relies on these incredible acts of generosity.  

Thank you to all who have hosted events in the past and
to those who are planning events for the future.