Connecting Classrooms through Creativity

In late 2008, BULA developed a youth art exchange between schools in Uganda and the United States. This exchange, entitled Connecting Classrooms through Creativity, has been very successful and exciting for all students (and teachers!) involved. Each student is able to share his/her life, idfundraisingeas and perceptions in the most creative way with students across the world. The artwork is displayed on the walls of schools in Uganda and on those schools participating in the US.

This also serves as a fundraising campaign. Beyond the cultural exchange, the students in America are actively supporting the cause.  With each piece of artwork, a donation of $1 is requested.  The concept behind this is to demonstrate how every little effort can make a difference to someone else, even across the world. Imagine if every child gave $1 to help build a school for those that didn't have one? 

BULA And Teachers

BULA has been committed to not only providing structural improvements to St. Kizito, but also to providing material and real support to the actual instruction of class.

In the fall of 2008, BULA assembled a group of retired and passionate fundraisingteachers to assist in this aspect. Monthly, this group meets and develops lesson plans to be used in after school program that will supplement the education received during the day. Few materials and rigid exams make the classroom work strict. This after school program will be a way for students to apply what they learn, develop their English skills and have fun!

In 2009, the receipient of the Elrod Fellowship at Washington and Lee University, Mackenzie Brown, implemented this program.

The group remains committed to the project as the fellow begins the program. Over time, we hope to enhance the program further maximizing the anticipated benefits, creating a fun way for the students to expand their knowledge, comprehension and language skills, and their imagination.

BULA In Your School

BULA will come to your school! Contact us to arrange a class presentation or assembly.