Care Leavers


BULA, in partnership with Alternative Care Initiatives, is establishing a joint program that assists children about to leave Ugandan residential care centers, or who have already left residential care centres. More information on this program to come later this year.  Read on…

Educational Fund

Angie at Bethany

BULA funds secondary and vocational school for vulnerable students, offering an opportunity to study when barriers to entry are high.  School fees are extremely high limiting the options for ambitious students from families of limited means and for those students without families to turn to.  Read on…

Home at Last


‘Home at Last’ is an ongoing program providing support to children and families separated by the proliferation of orphanages in Uganda. Through this program, children and families have been reunited following long periods of institutionalization of their children in orphanages and children’s homes. This program is a product of the belief that children should grow up in a nurturing, supportive, and loving environment and that families are the first choice, and more often the best, care providers of this environment.  Read on…

University Scholarship Program

BULA offers a direct scholarship program linking ambitious students with donors.  Learn more about the program…

High School Scholarship

BULA aims to give back to the community that has been instrumental to its success.  Each year, BULA awards a high school senior at Bayport-Blue Point High School.