St. Kizito Primary School, Namungoona

st_kizito_namu2St. Kizito Primary School in Namungoona is located just outside of the capital city, Kampala.  The school’s enrollment is currently at approximately 150 students in grades Nursery through Primary Level 7.

The school stands made of scrap wood with rusty tin sheet roofs. Rain enters the classrooms, disturbing the students’ studies. The children sit in classrooms of dirt floors without desks and with minimal materials. These conditions make learning difficult, challenging the students and teachers each day. For twelve years, the school has pushed forward in these conditions, determined to see their students persevere.

The priest and the headmistress at this new location are both familiar with BULA’s work in Gganda and are ecstatic about the prospects of the new school.

The new school is currently being designed by Tom Harrison and a team of architectural students at London Metropolitan University. They surveyed the school site in 2009 and 2010.

The design is being heavily researched with the intent to use earth friendly and afforadable practices.  The innovative methods are currently being piloted in Uganda.
In the end, the plans will optimize the school to its surroundings making the most of lighting, climatic conditions and cultural preferences.