Water Purification

schoolFinishedAccess to water remains a tremendous problem in Uganda. Running water is scarce and expensive and thus people must travel to get their daily supply of water. Miles are often covered to reach the nearest resource. Children and adults alike must make this trip several times a day to maintain basic needs of drinking water, cooking, and cleanliness. This is true on an individual basis and thus true at a school. No water source existed at St. Kizito prior to BULA.

To remedy this problem at St. Kizito, BULA constructed a 30,000 gallon underground water tank that collects rainwater off the roof. this provides a direct onsite source for the school, eliminating the need to fetch water and therefore freeing time for the student’s education.

In addition, to ensure a safe drinking supply, BULA purchased 4 biosand filters to be used at the school. These filters are simple and affordable. Inside the concrete filter, are layers of fine sand, coarse sand and gravel. As the water filters through, organic material is trapped on the surface of the top layer of fine sand creating a biological layer that removes pathogens and other contaminants. The filters have been successfully introduced to the children’s home as well as the school and have proven to be a safe and effective technology.